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Our Corporation provides the first step that connects a client with his / her future lawyer. The customized face-to-face and in-depth interviews are intended to yield essential information wich a layer can utize to build a successful case. Our key is focus in to demostrate to the client the importance of his / her case to the lawyer and assure clients that they made a correct decision by hiring an attorney. The less formal surrounding adds great value to a client´s hability to be more candid and more open when our representative visit a client´s home or client´s chosen location for an interview. Our services go beyond normal business hours and our representative will reach the client at the time that is more convenient for him/her.


Areas Covered

Areas Covered

Great Los Angeles.
San Fernando Valley.
South bay Area.
Orange County.
San Bernardino.


Services Provided

Client sign-up and intake of preliminary information.
Direct visit to client´s home or work place.
Individual assesments of key facts of the case.
Travel to the incident cities for information gathering.
Interpretation and translations of documents.
Step by step explanation of the case process.
Marketing of the firm with the client, family and friends.
Messenger services.
Filing documents at any court.
Subpoena records & interpreting services.


Benefits Received

Prompt response to client´s legal needs.
Securing the client´s choice in the lawyer/firm.
Focusing on client´s problems and complaints.
Careful assessment of key facts with customized interviews.
Inmediate coverage of many geographic areas.
Mantain ongoing contact with new clients.
Saves lawyer´s time in travel and cost in reaching client.
Effective comunication by multi-language representatives.

customized services

Customized Services

We offer our company´s broad set of sign-up and in take packages.
We can use your sign-up package and in-take package.
We help to create an individualized package based on your firm specification.
We provide paralegal services and other legal assisance.
Filing all areas covered.
PI – Civil
And much more.

Fees Charged

Fees Charged

Flat fee county coverage.
Payment based on distance traveled.
Advance pre pre-paid per month/quarter/year.
Advance pre pre-paid number of clients served.
Emergency/night callls.


Contact Now!

Attorney Client Conection.
1654 Wilshire Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90017.

Telephone: (818)572-3609 
FAX: 800886 8186
E-mail: contact@accsignup.com


When the client connection is already established, the client may also appreciate the visit of a lawyer´s representative. Such visit(s) will demostrate to the client that the lawyer is absolutely commited to being responsive to the client´s needs. Visiting clients will help to determine if there are any new challanges or developments that may affect the case. Having informed client creates an impression of quality-conscious lawyer.